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Praise for The Tempest

The simple costumes for many of the cast with the names of the characters makes the rapidly paced adaptation easier to follow. But its greatest strength comes in separating the crew from the island’s mystical inhabitants. Richly decorated and interwoven with netting, they appear almost a part of the set and by extension their surreal, alien world. The triple cast Ariel takes this even further, prowling through the trees masked and adorned in feathers as a figure that is both wild and delicate
Shakespeare Oz

"All of the design elements are fantastic. The costumes are truly fabulous, and Irving's work with Prospero and the Ariels is divine. Irving's background is in musicals and this shows in the dynamics and synergies she has created across the costumes of the entire ensemble"
What Did She Think - Blog

Praise for The Color Purple

"Completing the polished look of the production are the beautifully constructed costumes, designed by Rhiannon Irving. The initial muted neutral palette allows performers to slip between roles where necessary. Early in act two, Celie imagines life in Africa, and the vivid, well-researched costumes here are stunning. Finally, Irving has fun creating the playfully coloured range of Miss Celie’s Pants"

Simon Parris - Man In The Chair